Chinese Language Services

Are you doing business with China and need Chinese language services? I am a Cardiff-based professional and experienced native Mandarin translator and interpreter who can help you to communicate perfectly with your Chinese business partner.

A clear understanding between speakers of different languages is a key element for the success of any company with international relations. No matter whether you are a manufacturer, department store or small online retailer, I can provide you with a high standard and reliable Interpreting and Translation services with Personal Support.

After studying and working in Cuba and the UK for several years, I have developed very competitive oral and written intercultural communication skills. By understanding your needs in detail, I am confident to deliver a high quality service that meets all your requirements.

How does it work?

I offer translation, interpretation, video or movie subtitling and multilingual transcription (for Chinese, Spanish and English languages) services. For a quote with an estimate of the time required to complete your project, simply contact me and I endeavour to respond within one working day.

Most of my services are offered online, giving you the possibility of contacting me anytime you need. So, do not hesitate and get in touch now by visiting the Contact Us page.

To find information about who I am, visit my Profile page.