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“Do you know Weibo, the Chinese twitter? It’s so scary!” said Jim Parson on Fallon Tonight.

posted 9 Aug 2016, 07:54 by Yolanda Luo   [ updated 10 Aug 2016, 02:26 ]

After watching the interview of Jim Parson, I just could not help laughing. He is so funny and frank, and said that it was scary to use Weibo as you need to use Chinese to do certain things.

So what is Weibo?

Weibo is the Chinese microblogging service created by Sina (literally means new wave), the publicly traded online media company in 2009. It is considered as the Chinese version of twitter. It becomes very popular among Chinese people, daily active users are around 54 million and about 100 million messages are posted on it every day.

The importance of Weibo is that it is not only used for watching news and making friends, but also a fantastic way to do business. In order to enter the Chinese market, Weibo seems to be an essential tool. Global companies can register with Weibo and post their updated information to reach to a great quantity of potential consumers.

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