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Mid-autumn Festival

posted 23 Sep 2017, 02:26 by Yolanda Luo   [ updated 23 Sep 2017, 04:53 ]

If you are interested in the Chinese culture, you cannot miss today’s topic which is about the Mid-autumn Festival. According to the Chinese lunar calendar, the Mid-autumn Festival is held on the 15th of August, which this year corresponds to the 4th of October in the western Gregorian calendar.

This festival is a very important for all the Chinese people. On this day of the year, the full moon on the sky is round and bright, which calls for the family reunion. Therefore, no matter how far away each member of the family is, they always try their best to be together.

Chinese people have the ancient tradition of eating mooncakes on this special day. In general, they are a kind of pastry with thin skin and a rich thick filling such as red beans or lotus seed paste. Normally, there are some Chinese characters printed on the top of the mooncakes to express good wishes. Mooncakes are still very popular in modern China, so can find them also in the Chinese supermarkets of most of the western countries.

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